Thirteen Gifts to Celebrate the 13th Doctor Who

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A Doctor Who Christmas Carol

Most British TV fans are familiar with the glory that is the CHRISTMAS SPECIAL (when is the Broadchurch one, exactly?), but there are aspects of Doctor Who—its legitimately all-ages nature; its dual exploration of both loneliness and community; its ease with both terror and fun—that make it feel particularly perfect for holiday viewing.

While you’re watching the Christmas Special this year, saying your goodbyes to non-swearing Capaldi, consider some of these gift options for the biggest Who fan in your life—especially if that’s you. These are gifts for whichever holiday you may celebrate, or, best of all, just to celebrate the fact that this beloved show has finally realized: THE FUTURE IS FEMALE. Click the pictures to purchase!


The Mr. Men Doctors! Leaving space in your collection, of course, for a Ms.


From the three different versions of The Hero offered by Who, Harkness, and Sarah Jane, to gender in the fan community.


Because Donna is the best and Catherine Tate is the best and you will laugh SO HARD.


From Etsy, a stunning homage to Gallifreyan physiology.


Captain Jack writes books! Conjuror is the first of the Orion Chronicles, a YA series about kids whose supernatural powers are heavily tied to art and music.


The Little Doctor-Prince.


Don’t be cheap, pre-order this amazing $280 Rose Tyler action figure (for me). Worth it.


Because Eccleston is underrated!


Because a fandom gift can be a practical gift.


BBC Doctor Who audio books. This one is read by Freema Agyeman (Martha)! Others are read by Tennant, Tate, Alex Kingston, Arthur Darvill, or Katy Manning; all have sound design and theme music. Also available: the 1960s missing eps in audio form, a Fourth Doctor adventure penned by Douglas Adams, and much more.


To celebrate who has been Who.


And to celebrate the new Who!


Because sometimes you have to buy a gift for someone you really don’t like.

Happy Holidays, and please tell us your thoughts about the Christmas Special!

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