The Official 2017 Imported Ink Gift Guide

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A Gift Guide for the Book-Loving Anglophile

Need a gift for your friend who drinks tea instead of coffee, just reread David Copperfield for the 3rd time, but doesn’t need any more books? Here are our suggestions:

For the Gryffindor in Your Life

Harry Potter Art Prints
Etsy, $15-$59 (depending on size)

Harry Potter Print

The Etsy shop Nesprintart has my favorite Harry Potter posters. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can either hang a poster-sized print as a statement piece, or frame an 8×10 for your gallery wall. The Patronus scenes in book 3 are some of my favorite moments in the series. The only reason I haven’t bought the James Potter Patronus poster is because I can’t decide what size I want.

For the World Traveler

Tower Bridge Bookends
Etsy, $64
Tower Bridge Bookends

I’m sorry to say that these bookends are incorrectly identified as London Bridge on Etsy. But no matter, you and I know them to portray Tower Bridge, and your guests will know that you have immaculate taste in both books and décor.

For Your Mod Friend

Union Jack Throw Pillows
Target, $26.99 for 2
Union Jack Pillows

These handy statement pillows are a great way for someone to let their visitors know that, yeah, they spell theatre the British way. And they come in a set, so you can keep one for yourself!

For the Mystery Lover

Sherlock Holmes Socks
Out of Print Clothing, $7
Sherlock Socks

Out of Print is a go-to source for bookish gifts, and no matter who you’re shopping for, one of their favorites books is bound to be available. I’m liking these Sherlock socks, which come in a great color, and are just subtle enough to pass as normal socks at the office.

For Your Friend Who Always Carries a Book

Wind in the Willows Tote
Litographs, $22

Wind in the Willows Tote

Litographs is another great source for literary-themed ephemera. They take the full text of famous books and print it in teeny-tiny font on posters, totes, shirts, scarves, and the like. I have the Leaves of Grass print framed in my living room, and I enjoy watching people walk up to it and get lost in reading. They have products featuring over 200 different books, but this Wind in the Willows tote is practically perfect for your particular friend. It also comes in light blue, but come on.

For Someone Who’s Always Prepared

Harrods Umbrella
Harrods, $25

Harrods Umbrella

I worked at Harrods for a few months when I studied abroad, and I’m still partial to their souvenir merch. This umbrella displays the Harrods logo, but not too ostentatiously, so only its bearer will really know how classy they are.

For a Classy Dame

Ladies Green Herringbone Harris Tweed Gloves
That British Tweed Company, 29 GBP

Tweed Gloves

You’ll feel quite like a Barbara Pym heroine in these gorgeous tweed gloves, with leather accents. I imagine when you put them on you’ll be inspired to garden and wonder about the shipping forecast.

For the Royal Watcher in Your Life

Suits: Season 1
Amazon, $13.88

Suits Season One

Well, it’s happening. Before she put on that Botswanan diamond she played a paralegal on USA network’s legal drama, Suits. Get to know the newest member of the royal family by diving into Meghan Markle’s acting oeuvre.

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