Dig It: A Celebration of the 54th Anniversary of The Beatles’ First Trip to America

The Beatles Landing in America

Turned Left at Greenland On February 7, 1964, 54 years ago tomorrow, the Beatles landed at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport for the first time. Greeted by massive amounts of screaming fans and hordes of journalists, the band’s arrival in the States officially kicked off the British Invasion. To celebrate this most important of […]

Royal Recommendations for A Royal Wedding

Buckingham Palace

A Royal Wedding The Internet exploded last week: Prince Harry is engaged to an American! Britain will have a biracial princess! (okay, most likely, a duchess). As the world fixates over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s engagement—#marklesparkle is now a Twitter trend—I’ll admit that I’m completely taken over by the fervor (it’s a bright spot […]