We Baked Royal Brownies for Galentine’s Day

Ladies Celebrating Ladies It’s February 13th, and we all know what that means. Happy Galentine’s Day! Even better, this Galentine’s Day also happens to be Paczki Day—a double whammy of decliciousness. In case you haven’t already noticed, we are a department of all women. Therefore, Hailey and I decided to bake our amazing colleagues something sweet […]

Dig It: A Celebration of the 54th Anniversary of The Beatles’ First Trip to America

The Beatles Landing in America

Turned Left at Greenland On February 7, 1964, 54 years ago tomorrow, the Beatles landed at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport for the first time. Greeted by massive amounts of screaming fans and hordes of journalists, the band’s arrival in the States officially kicked off the British Invasion. To celebrate this most important of […]

Q&A with Sci-Fi and Fantasy Artist Patrick J. Jones

Meet Artist Patrick J. Jones Patrick J. Jones is an award-winning sci-fi/fantasy illustrator and teacher based in Brisbane, Australia. The author of seminal works such as The Anatomy of Style: Figure Drawing Techniques, Sci-Fi & Fantasy Oil Painting Techniques and The Sci-Fi & Fantasy Art of Patrick J. Jones, all from Korero Press, Patrick’s work […]

Celebrate Winnie the Pooh Day by Returning to the Hundred Acre Wood

Winnie the Pooh Day Today is National Winnie the Pooh Day, which celebrates A.A. Milne’s birthday—the beloved children’s author who brought the iconic honey-loving bear to life. Milne’s original collection of classic stories was inspired by his son and his various teddy bears and toys. In 1926, readers began following Pooh’s adventures with his gang of […]